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What is L-theanine? Maybe you’ve heard the term tossed around among friends, family, or coworkers during discussions of ways to get better sleep or improve anxiety. Or maybe you haven’t, and this is your first exposure to the word. Either way, we’re here to answer your questions regarding this substance, what it is, how it works, and walk you through some products available through Andro400 that could change your life.

Many naturally occurring substances like L-theanine come with lots of added health benefits. You may wonder if L-theanine helps sleep issues. And what about L-theanine and weight loss? Does it do anything for people looking to lose a little extra weight? 

First of all, L-theanine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in green and black tea as well as in some mushrooms. This amino acid doesn’t occur naturally in the human body; to enjoy the benefits, you’d need to ingest it. You can consume it that way or take it in its supplemental form. It actually comes in two different types: L-theanine and D-theanine, but L-theanine is the most common form used as a supplement. L-theanine benefits are thought to include improved mental focus, reduce stress or anxiety, and provide a better quality of sleep. 

How Does L-theanine Work?

Theanine has a chemical structure that is similar to another naturally occurring amino acid called glutamate. When ingested, glutamate helps transmit nerve pulses to the brain. Research suggests that some results of taking L-theanine seem to mimic glutamate, while others could inhibit nerve pulses to the brain. Let’s take a closer look at the potential benefits associated with taking L-theanine. 

Reduced Anxiety

Studies haven’t yet confirmed evidence that taking L-theanine specifically reduces anxiety. However, black or green tea has often been the beverage of choice when someone wants to relax. And relaxation means no anxiety—or at least less anxiety. So it is possible that L-theanine works, if not to reduce anxiety, to promote feelings of relaxation. 

Improved Sleep

Studies have indicated that the L-theanine amino acid may have specific effects on the brain chemicals that help you sleep. If it helps you relax during the day, there’s no reason why drinking some green or black tea or taking the supplement before bed shouldn’t help you get relaxed enough to fall asleep and stay asleep. 

Enhanced Mental Focus

There have been studies into L-theanine and enhanced mental focus, with certain research seeming to indicate that groups of people who took the supplement made fewer distraction-based errors in their day-to-day tasks. 

Weight Loss

Replacing snacks throughout the day with a cup of green or black tea and its L-theanine amino acid can help people lose a little extra weight. L-theanine in green tea specifically can produce a savory flavor known as umami, which would potentially reduce or satisfy your appetite. 

L-theanine And The Andro400 Team

L-theanine can make a difference in your mental focus, help with weight loss, potentially reduce anxiety, and improve your sleep. At Andro400, we offer a series of products designed to enhance your day-to-day experiences. We use L-theanine in our Love To Sleep supplement, which pairs perfectly with our other products that help boost your daytime activities. 


Our Andro400 supplement is our Eurycoma Longifolia 100:1, an extract that has been clinically shown to increase, improve, and support healthy testosterone levels. This supplement is a great place to start if you’re not sure where to begin in the world of supplements and want to gradually ease into things. 

Andro400 Max

Take the next step up in the supplemental food chain with our Andro400 Max. It contains Eurycoma Longifolia 100:1, just like our Andro400 does, but it also has L-Arginine and L-citrulline. When taken together, these two additional amino acids can potentially boost nitric oxide, which can, in turn, support blood vessels and blood flow. 

UltraMax T

This supplement contains Eurycoma Longifolia 200:1, as well as a host of other additions including Garcinia Cambogia, D-Aspartic Acid, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and ForsLean® Coleus Forskohlii 10% Extract. With this unique combination, you’ll get a boost in testosterone, reduction in appetite, a curb in sugar cravings, and support for healthy blood flow. 

Love To Sleep

We also offer a natural sleep aid, which contains L-theanine among other natural ingredients, and is designed to make your night’s sleep the best it can be. 

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